Valid HTML 4.01!

Valid HTML 4.01!


A tag is followed by an identifier. Identifiers can contain only the characters [A-Za-z]. Each tag is made up of tags and/or declarations. A declaration consists of a property followed by a value. Around each of these there may be whitespace.

A tag block starts with a left curly brace { and ends with the matching right curly brace }. Single ' and double quotes " must also occur in matching pairs, and characters between them are parsed as a string.

The episodeDef tag is made up of mapDef tags. A sample episodeDef tag is as follows:

episodeDef escapeFromWolfenstein
	mapDef e1m1
		filename	""
		nextlevel	e1m2
		secretlevel	e1m10
		floor-number	0

The following table is the declaration properties for a mapDef tag.
filename Double Quote String File name of level.
nextlevel mapDef identifier Next map to load when level is completed.
secretlevel mapDef identifier Next secret map to load when level is completed.
floor-number Numeric Floor number (clamps at 99).