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tga.h File Reference

Handles Targa file saving. More...

#include "../common/platform.h"

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W8 TGA_write (const char *filename, W16 depth, W32 width, W32 height, void *Data, W8 upsideDown, W8 rle)
 Write targa image file.

Detailed Description

Handles Targa file saving.

Michael Liebscher

Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis

1995, 2004
Portion of this code was derived from The GIMP -- an image manipulation program, and was originally written by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis.

This module is implimented by tga.c

Function Documentation

W8 TGA_write ( const char *  filename,
W16  bpp,
W32  width,
W32  height,
void *  Data,
W8  upsideDown,
W8  rle 

Write targa image file.

[in] filename Name of TGA file to save as.
[in] depth Bytes per pixel. (16, 24 or 32).
[in] width Width of image in pixels.
[in] height Height of image in pixels.
[in] Data Raw image data.
[in] upsideDown Is the data upside down? 1 yes, 0 no.
[in] rle Run Length encode? 1 yes, 0 no.
0 on error, otherwise 1.

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