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List of in-game console commands. To access the console press the ("~") key during the game and enter one of the following commands:

Useful commands for players

bind Binds a command to a key.
clear Clears the console.
conDump [filename] Dumps the console text to a file.
echo Prints text.
exec [filename] Executes a config file.
map [filename] Loads a map.
quit Quits the game.
set Sets or creates a cvar.
unbind Unbinds any command from a key.
unbindall Unbinds any commands from all keys.

Useful commands for developers

dir Lists a folder.
error Causes an error.
give [all] Give all items to the player.
god Enables god mode.
intermission Ends level.
listBinds Lists key bindings.
listCmds Lists commands.
listCvars Lists cvars.
listTextures Lists textures.
listSounds Lists all sounds.
notarget Disables the player as a target.
path Lists search paths.
vid_restart Restarts the video system.